Donetsk, Mar 27 — DAN. A Mariupol-based company has test-launched a steel melting furnace; it needs additional investments to resume production, First Deputy Chairman of the Donetsk People’s Republic government Rustam Mingazov said.

“We’re working on developing and restoring production, ” Migazov said in an interview with the Donetsk News Agency. “For example, ‘Azovelektrostal’ test-launched a furnace last year, but much has to be done before the beginning of full-scale operation. It will require additional investments.” 

“Azovelektrostal” is a part of the Donetsk Industrial Company as is the subsidiary of the Chemical and Metallurgical Plant in the Volnovakha district. The Donetsk Industrial Company is a state-owned unitary enterprise subordinate to the DPR Ministry of Industry and Trade. “It was established to develop the industry and take non-operating plants under state control, ” he added.

Last August, the DPR Ministry of Industry and Trade said that “Azovelektrostal had about 850 employees as of January 1, 2022; of those, more than 400 said that they wanted to continue working at the company while 312 registered at the Republican Employment Center. Reports in October said that researchers from Moscow had inspected the enterprise while in November, the Chuvash Republic said that it was joining the rebuilding project.

Azovelektrostal dates back to 1981 when the “Zhdanovtyazhmash” company launched a steel-melting complex for foundry products including armor steel. The enterprise specializes in the production of forging grade and tube ingots, continuously cast blanks, large, medium and small railcar casting, mold casting for heavy transport and energy machine-building and for metallurgical and mining industries.*jk