Donetsk, Apr 4 — DAN. A company in Russia’s Novgorod region is considering the possibility to supply to China the honey made of raw materials from the Donetsk People’s Republic.

“We aim to build a possible supply chain for raw materials from the DPR; they will be processed and packed in the Novgorod region, and products will be supplied to China under the brand name ‘Medovy Dom, ’ TASS quoted company executive manager Emilia Ageyeva as saying on the sidelines of a Sino-Russian business forum in Beijing.

Ageyeva said that the company had begun to purchase raw materials in new Russian regions for honey production. The DPR has very good flower white honey. “In China, they like white types such as linden or acacia honey. White varieties are softer and more flowery. The quality of honey in the new territories is probably one of the best in our country today, in terms of quality and safety, ” she said.

“Medovy Dom” (Honey House) was established in 1998. Its production facilities are located in the Novgorod region.  Deputy chairman of the regional government Ilya Malenko said that the company had a 55 to 60 percent share of the Russian market of commercially packed honey. “Medovy Dom” began to ship honey to China in 2016. It also sells meat and fish products, herbal tea and sweetmeats.*jk