Donetsk, Aug 22 — DAN. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TPP) of the DPR will issue certificates of origin for goods before the launch of a relevant authority in the liberated regions, the resolution of the State Defence Committee No. 197, published today on the official website of the Head of the Republic, reads.

Documents will be issued on the basis of applications from non-residents — economic entities of the Kherson, Kharkov and Zaporozhye regions of Ukraine in accordance with the Rules for determining the countries of origin of goods that have been in force in the CIS countries since 2009.

It was noted that agricultural producers must additionally provide documents confirming the right of ownership or use of land, as well as information on the area, productivity and gross yields of crops, fruits, berries, grapes.

The resolution came into force from the date of its signing — August 22, 2022. *ot