Donetsk, January 12 – DAN. Yuzovsky metallurgical plant (UMZ), a mainstream industrial enterprise of the Donetsk People’s Republic, is due to be launched this spring, DPR Industry and Trade Ministry press service told Donetsk News Agency.

UMZ power supply lines, nine stamp work’s cranes, AKROS shearing press and FUCHS loader have been repaired. Repairs of a second shearing press and another loader are ongoing, the press service said.

Overhead transmission line security zone is currently being cleared of underbrush ahead of the launching of arc furnace shop.

On 25 July 2016, DPR Council of Ministers decided to establish UMZ using the facilities of Donetsk Electrometallurgical Plant (DEMZ) which had been stopped by Ukrainian authorities in late 2012.

UMZ, one of the largest metallurgical enterprises in DPR, is located on the DEMZ premises in Donetsk city Voroshilovskiy, Budyonnovskiy and Leninskiy districts.
It sprawls on an area of 60 hectares. Some 400 workers are engaged in pre-launch works. UMZ administration plans to hire more employees and produce about 30,000 tons of steel a month, part of which will be exported. *jk