Donetsk, Nov 3 – DAN. DPR has relaunched Makeyevka Foundry today after a four-year break in operation, its production being an important part of almost any processing industry in the Republic.

The DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko has attended the opening ceremony, accompanied by the acting industry and trade minister Alexey Granovskiy.

"The enterprise's production will be mostly exported, but we also have domestic customers. DPR is back on its feet and there will be even more such enterprises," the DPR leader told reporters.

The foundry's capacity is up to 4,000 tons of production in a months.

The Makeyevka Foundry stopped operation in 2013. As it had been decided to restore it, four-month maintenance works followed; there are currently 150 employees at the plant. It is the only DPR enterprise manufacturing cast grinding balls used by a number of processing industries. *ot