Donetsk, Aug 28 – DAN. DPR acting minister of industry Alexey Granovskiy announced plans for re-launch of fabrics manufacturing in the Republic.

"We do not currently produce fabrics in the DPR, but we prepare Donetsk cotton plant for the re-launch. We discuss possible import of cotton and start of the production," he said at the ceremony of distributing school uniforms in Donetsk.

Granovskiy added that experts are currently analyzing the perspectives of the renewed production, not mentioning the dates of the planned re-launch.

Donetsk cotton processing plant was built and launched in the 1970s. Its products were renown across the USSR. After its collapse the manufacturing capabilities of the plant gradually declined and in 2002 it was declared bankrupt and was purchased by a Kiev company. Still, after a while the plant wrapped up production.*ot