Donetsk, Mar 3 - DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic is launching a dual currency zone across the liberated areas of the Republic until the end of the month, the DPR government said in Resolution No 17-1.

“The DPR government orders all forms of businesses in certain areas of the Republic which were not controlled by the DPR authorities as of February 19, 2022, to accept, together with the Russian ruble, the Ukrainian hrivna as a means of payment, from March 1 through March 2022,” the document said.

The businesses will display dual currency price tags at the following rate: 2.7 rubles per one hrivna. Non-cash settlements shall be carried out in Russian rubles.

Lending and non-banking financial institutions shall operate at the prescribed exchange rate. The exchange operations with hrivna coins shall not be carried out.

The resolution comes into force on the date of publication. It applies to the legal relations that emerged on March 1 and will remain effective through March 31, 2022. *jk