Donetsk, Nov 24 – DAN. The DPR Social and Economic Development Programme previews a 70 pc GDP increase by 2025, and a similar increase in exports, the Minister of Economic Development of the Republic Alexey Polovyan told DAN.

“The expected result of the implementation of the Programme for 2022-2024, is: the growth of GDP by more than 70 pc (compared to 2020); a more than 70 pc growth of the GDP per capita. Also, by 2025, we are aiming at an increase in exports by 70 pc and an increase in the foreign trade balance by almost 30 pc,” the minister said.

He added that one of the key targets of the Programme is to at least double wages in the industry and the coal sector. Earlier it was reported that the average monthly salary is expected to be increased by 2.3 times.

The Socio-Economic Development Programme for 2022-2024 was adopted in September. It includes raising wages and pensions, creating tens of thousands of jobs, measures to support business, and infrastructure development. *ot