Donetsk, Apr 14 - DAN. Ukrainian political and military authorities have not fulfilled any of their promises concerning ceasefire, said DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko.

"The war goes on every day. People die every day. Kiev has not abandoned its goal to bring Donbass back into a 'United Ukraine' with force. We don't pay attention to their promises any longer, because Kiev failed to fulfill all of them."

He emphasized the latest ceasefire agreement achieved by the Contact Group on April 12 had been broken by Kiev 'less than in an hour'.

In September 2014 the Contact Group agreed to the first ceasefire in Donbass, the latest was announced on April 14, 2017, overall there have been more than 10 agreements to respect ceasefire. Not a single one persisted. At the majority of cases Ukrainian forces violated 'silence regimes' soon after they came into effect. *ot