Donetsk, Jan 25 — DAN. Ukrainian forces have fired more than 40 rounds of ammunition at Donetsk People’s Republic settlements on Wednesday.


DPR Acting Head Denis Pushilin said that Russian forces were making gains in Artyomovsk.

German authorities decided to hand over the first batch of 14 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine and train Ukrainian tank crews. 

Military situation

Donetsk, Makeyevka, Gorlovka and their suburbs came under artillery fire on Wednesday. The enemy used 155mm and 122mm artillery.

A 60-year-old man was wounded and a kindergarten was damaged in a Kiev artillery strike at the Alexandrovka neighborhood in Donetsk’s Petrovsky district. Two women, aged 81 and 61, were wounded and six homes were damaged in Gorlovka. Ukrainian artillery attacks left more than 100,000 Gorlovka customers without electricity.

Russian forces destroyed eight enemy howitzers in the special military operation zone over the past 24 hours including NATO-supplied artillery pieces.

Other news

Ural and Donbass will develop cooperation in metallurgy and oil and gas sector.

The obligatory medical insurance system will be introduced in the DPR starting 2024; it will increase the number of services and medications available for free.

Belarus has donated 12,000 tons of wallpaper for DPR rebuilding projects.

The “United Russia” political party’s Young Guard and the Volunteer Company have launched an aid center in Khartsyzsk for evacuated Soledar residents.

Yasinovataya authorities are planning a bus link with Donetsk. There has been no direct link between the towns since February 2022 because of hostilities.

All teaching blocks of the Priazovsky Technical University will be rebuilt by September 2023.

Urban development master plans for Starobeshevo district settlements will be drawn as part of the DPR rebuilding program for municipalities in 2023.

The DPR plans to create a youth government.


The report is based on Donetsk News Agency original stories and information from senior DPR officials, Russian Defense Ministry, Joint Center for Control and Coordination of issues related to Ukraine’s war crimes, DPR Territorial Defense Headquarters, dedicated ministries and local authorities. *jk