Donetsk, Apr 19 - DAN. Ukrainian gunmen commandeer civilians’ cars killing those who resist, Donetsk People’s Republic People’s Militia deputy commander Eduard Basurin said on Tuesday referring to eyewitnesses' accounts.

“We’ve learnt from Kramatorsk residents that Ukrainian nationalists killed a number of civilians in order to seize their cars,” Basurin said. “For example, gunmen stopped and seized vehicles as they were leaving the town along the H-20 road to Slavyansk. In case of resistance, they would shoot and kill the car owners and their passengers on the roadside.”

As of now, the DPR militia has reliable information that  Ukrainian nationalists have killed 23 civilians but the real number of victims can be much larger, he added.

Basurin again urged residents in the areas temporarily controlled by Ukrainian nationalists to make videos or photos of gunmen’s crimes while taking care not to expose themselves to danger. The information has to be sent via the official bot @nmdnr_bot on Telegram; it will be used as evidence to punish Kiev gunmen.*jk