Donetsk, Jul 28 - DAN. Ukrainian forces delivered a strike at the Yuzhnodonbassiky water duct 1st level pumping station area outside Yasinovataya, a DPR Operations Command representative told Donetsk News Agency.

“At 10:30, Ukrainian side shelled the Yuzhnodonbasskiy water duct pumping station area,” the officer said. “Bursts were recorded in immediate proximity to the facility.”

According to preliminary information, fire was delivered with 120mm mortars.

The first level pumping station of the Yuzhnodonbasskiy water duct has come under fire some 60 times during the Donbass conflict. It is located near the “grey zone” outside Yasinovataya and is controlled by DPR militia. The water duct has three water treatment plants, two of which service Kiev-held part of the region. *jk