Donetsk, Feb 26 - DAN. Ukrainian forces fired over 100 rounds of ammunition at Donetsk People’s Republic frontline areas on Tuesday morning, the DPR Office at the  Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) reported.

“Today, from 7:40 to 9:40, Ukrainian armed formations delivered strikes on the following axes: Shirokino - Bezymennoye, Shirokino - Sakhanka and Krasnogorovka - Staromikhailovka. Overall, 62 82mm mortar rounds, six 120mm mortar rounds and 40 infantry fighting vehicle (BMP-2) cannon rounds were fired,” the report said.

On Sunday evening, Kiev forces shelled the Yelenovka village damaging seven houses, a chemist’s, a hospital and the local administration building.*jk*pp