Donetsk, Oct 17 - DAN. Ukrainian forces fired nearly 1,000 rounds of all types and calibres at DPR frontline areas over the past 24 hours, head of the DPR office at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination Ruslan Yakubov said on Tuesday.

“The overall number of ammunition rounds used by the Ukrainian army over the past 24 hours amounted to 959,” Yakubov said.

On Donetsk axis, Ukrainian army units fired 172 mortar rounds, 12 tank gun rounds, 290 infantry fighting vehicle cannon rounds and 296 grenades. Forty-nine small arms shots were fired as well.

“On Mariupol axis, Ukrainian forces fired 33 82mm and 120mm mortar rounds, 12 infantry fighting vehicle cannon rounds, 95 grenades and one small arms round,” the officer added.

Ukrainian army violated the ceasefire 34 times over the past 24 hours.  *jk