Donetsk, Jul 11 - DAN. Ukrainian army units fired 46 artillery and mortar rounds at DPR frontline areas over the past 24 hours, DPR Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin said on Tuesday.

“The enemy used heavy artillery on Donetsk axis,” Basurin said. “Sixteen 152mm and 122mm rounds, eleven 120mm mortar rounds and 19 82mm mortar rounds were fired at 13 settlements and adjacent areas.”

Four settlements in DPR south came under Ukrainian forces’ fire. The enemy used tank guns, grenade launchers and small arms on south axis, according to the DPR military official.

Earlier reports said two civilians were wounded as Kiev forces shelled western Donetsk and Dokuchayevsk. Six houses and four transformer stations were damaged in the shelling.

A DPR Emergencies Ministry fire engine came under mortar fire and got damaged as it was on the way to Donetsk’s Trudovskiye neighbourhood responding to a fire alarm call.*jk