Donetsk, Jul 10 - DAN. Ukrainian forces fired nearly 300 artillery and mortar rounds at DPR frontline areas over the past 24 hours, DPR Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin said on Thursday.

“Contrary to the agreements, Ukraine is continuing to violate the ceasefire using heavy weapons deployed to the contact line,” Basurin said. “On Donetsk axis, the enemy employed large calibre artillery, tanks and mortars. Five 152mm and 122mm artillery rounds, four tank gun rounds and 90 120mm and 82mm mortar rounds were fired.”

On Mariupol and Gorlovka axes, Ukrainian forces fired 25 artillery rounds, 13 tank gun rounds, 84 120mm mortar rounds and 77 82mm mortar rounds.

Six frontline villages in DPR south were left without electricity as a result of shelling.

Earlier on Thursday, DPR Operations Command reported 54 ceasefire violations by Ukrainian forces over the past 24 hours.*jk