Donetsk, Apr 6 - DAN. A Ukrainian army strike caused a power outage and damaged a utility shed in the Vasilyevka village outside Yasinovataya, Yasinovataya administration head Dmitry Shevchenko said on Tuesday.

“Ukrainian forces are firing at the Vasilyevka village area,” Shevchenko said. “A utility shed in Zapadnaya Street took a hit. Shrapnel cut electrical cables. The village was left without electricity.”

He urged local residents to be cautious because of the shelling.

The Donetsk People’s Republic Office at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) also reported damage to the frontage of the house at 8 Zapadnaya Street.

On top of that, the Vasilyevka pumping station area came under fire which reduced water supply to customers on both sides of the contact line. “The station personnel had to hide in a shelter due to the threat to their health and life,” the JCCC said.

Vasilyevka is located in the DPR some 1.5 kilometres from the contact line. It accommodates the Yuzhnodonbasskiy duct’s first level pumping station, a key Donbass water supply facility servicing residents on both sides of the contact line.*jk