Donetsk, Dec 10 – DAN. One DPR soldier has been killed, another one injured, as they deactivated an explosive device dropped from a Ukrainian drone outside the Shakhta Trudovskaya township west of Donetsk, the DPR People's Militia said.

"The 54th Ukrainian brigade fighters have again used an octocopter-type UAV with an attached explosive device that they dropped next to a public transport stop in a residential area of the Shakhta Trudovskaya township," the report reads.

The locals discovered the unexploded bomb, and the People's Militia cordoned off the area.

During the operation to deactivate it, the device went off, killing one service member and injuring another.

The People's Militia has expressed its condolences to the family of the deceased.

The data on the incident will be passed over to international organizations working in the Republic. *ot