Donetsk, Aug 26 - DAN. Ukrainian armed formations used an unmanned aerial vehicle to drop explosive devices on the Vasilyevka settlement north of Yasinovataya, the Donetsk People’s Republic Office at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination reported on Thursday. 

“Yesterday, at 23:30, Ukrainian armed formations delivered a strike at Vasilyevka dropping an improvised two-charge explosive device with percussion detonator,” the report said.

One charge damaged the walls, roof and windows of the house at 4 Lesnaya Street. The second charge failed to explode, the DPR Office said.

The package of tighter ceasefire control measures has been in effect in Donbass since July 27, 2020. The document bans the use of all weapons, deployment of hardware, special operations, engineer works and unmanned aerial vehicle flights.*jk