Donetsk, Sep 2 - DAN. Ukraine’s Joint Forces Operation commander Vladimir Kravchenko set the awards for destroying military equipment in the Donetsk People’s Republic territory,” DPR People’s Militia spokesman Dmitry Astrakhan said on Monday.

“Ukrainian armed formations gunmen increased the number of strikes as they seek to gain profit,” Astrakhan said. “For example, the bonus for destroying automotive equipment in the territory of our Republic amounts to 12,000 hryvnas, unmanned aerial vehicles - 36,000 hryvnas and armoured equipment 42,000 hryvnas (including 48,000 hryvnas per tank - eds Donetsk News Agency).”

The payment procedure and the amount of money for destroying manpower and hardware are designated in the order "on awards to certain groups of servicemen who fulfil the tasks of ensuring national security and defence and rebuffing and containing armed aggression in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions,” he added.

Earlier reports said that the Ukrainian army Chief of the General Staff, Ruslan Khomchak, set the prize for killing DPR and LPR servicemen at 7,000 hryvnas.*jk