Donetsk, Feb 9 - DAN. A Ukrainian Information and Psychological Operations Centre has circulated fake videos alleging strikes by the Donetsk People’s Republic, DPR People’s Militia deputy commander Eduard Basurin said on Wednesday.

“Ukrainian information and psychological operations forces have stepped up their activity amid enemy preparations for hostilities,” Basurin said. “As part of the information campaign Crushing Sword, Ukrainian spin doctors from 74th Information and Psychological Operations Centre prepared and disseminated on the Internet fake videos aimed at discrediting Donbass defenders.”

The DPR obtained the original unedited materials used in the videos. They show Ukrainian army positions in the Avdeyevka area and a serviceman “killed” in the trench in alleged sniper fire from the DPR, he said.

Tensions in Donbass have been mounting since mid-January. After the New Year and Christmas holidays, Ukrainian forces stepped up strikes in Donbass and began to deploy reinforcements to the region. The DPR militia said that the enemy group had been reinforced with radicals, multiple launch rocket systems and NATO weapons. Kiev’s militaristic rhetoric is aggravating the situation. *jk