Donetsk, Oct 15 - DAN. Ukrainian forces are strengthening fortifications and continue to mine the area near the Bogdanovka-Petrovskoye disengagement zone, the Donetsk People’s Republic People’s Militia press service reported on Tuesday.

“Ukrainian armed formations have been actively repairing and strengthening a well-organised defensive position on the eastern edge of the disengagement zone; four armoured personnel carriers and reconnaissance vehicles have been deployed,” the report said.

On top of that, the planting of 54 TM-62 anti-tank mines was detected on the road to the disengagement zone between the Bogdanovka and Viktorovka villages.

Under the accord reached by the Contact Group on October 1, Kiev and Donetsk had to withdraw their armed forces from the security zone in the Petrovskoye village area in the period from October 9 to October 11. On Saturday, October 12, they had to notify the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine about their readiness to dismantle their fortifications and carry out mine clearance in the area. However, Kiev ignored this decision.*jk