Donetsk, Nov 1 – DAN. The Ukrainian military command has accommodated mercenaries on the premises of an orphans health centre in Svyatogorsk, Donetsk People’s Republic Operations Command deputy chief Eduard Basurin told a news briefing at the Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.

“According to our intelligence, foreign mercenaries have been billeted on the premises of the Izumrudny Gorod rehabilitation centre for orphans and children without parental care in Svyatogorsk area,” Basurin said.

“This fact is yet another proof of Ukraine’s “quite cynical attitude towards its people, especially children,” he said. “We believe that the Ukrainian army command is fully degraded having lost their officer’s honor.”

DPR intelligence routinely spots foreign mercenaries deployed by Kiev to Donbass frontline areas. On October 20, 80 Italian and French mercenaries were seen in occupied Kramatorsk area. Foreigners are often accommodated in health centers and children’s recreation camps which are also used as military hardware holding areas.