Фото: Донецкое агентство новостей

Donetsk, Oct 13 — DAN. Kiev army has shelled the Donetsk People’s Republic twenty times over the past 24 hours, said the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of issues related to Ukraine’s war crimes.

“Two civilians were killed in Donetsk’s Kirovsky district and another two people were injured in the Kirovsky and Petrovsky districts, ” the JCCC said.

Artillery fire damaged a dwelling and three civil infrastructure facilities. The enemy also targeted Gorlovka, Golmovsky, Zaitsevo and the Yasinovataya district using AGM-88 high speed anti-radiation missiles, multiple rocket launchers and 155mm and 152mm cannon artillery. Overall, Ukrainian army units fired 80 artillery rounds at the DPR.

Overnight to October 13, Kiev forces delivered up to ten strikes at the Republic. A school in Donetsk was damaged and a civilian was injured on the Gorlovka-Yasinovataya road.*jk