Фото: Донецкое агентство новостей

Donetsk, Nov 1 — DAN. Two people were killed and another 14 were wounded in Kiev army artillery strikes at the eastern part of Donetsk on Tuesday evening. The enemy used long-range artillery including NATO-supplied weapons.

 The fatalities were a rescuer and a civilian. The rescuer was killed as he was helping to put out a large fire. His colleague and three journalists were wounded; the rest of the wounded are local residents.

Ukrainian forces delivered several strikes at the area damaging railway infrastructure and residential homes.  Damage assessment is underway.

Another two people were wounded in the Staromikhailovka settlement next to Donetsk and the Novoluganskoye settlement near Svetlodarsk.

Ukrainian forces opened fire at the DPR 47 times over the past 24 hours. Overall, 168 artillery rounds including cluster munitions were expended. *jk