Donetsk, Jun 5 — DAN. Ukrainian forces fired almost 700 artillery rounds at the Donetsk People’s Republic over the weekend causing civilian casualties.

On Saturday, a 58-year-old man was wounded in Ukrainian artillery fire at the liberated village of Kirillovka in the DPR’s Volnovakha district. The victim later died of his wounds. Five civilians were hurt in Yasinovataya and Gorlovka and 16 homes and three infrastructure facilities were damaged in the Republic.

On Sunday, a man was killed in the Zaitsevo neighborhood in northern Gorlovka, and  a woman was wounded in the town’s Tsentarlno-Gorodskoy district. Nineteen homes and a technical creativity center were damaged.

The enemy has been shelling Donetsk, Gorlovka and Makeyevka since Sunday night using multiple rocket launchers and cannon artillery. There have been no civilian casualty updates so far.*jk