Donetsk, Jul 21 — DAN. Kiev has lost dozens of thousand people in suicidal attacks on Russian positions, President Vladimir Putin said at a Security Council meeting on Friday.

“The key point is that Ukrainian army formations have sustained huge losses. It’s dozens of thousand, exactly dozens of thousand people, ” Putin said. “Despite the ongoing raids and waves of total mobilization across Ukrainian towns and villages, the incumbent regime finds it increasingly difficult to drive new reserves to the frontline.”

The country is running out of its mobilization resource, he said.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive, launched on June 4, continues up to date. Kiev is using a large amount of western armored vehicles which Russian troops are successfully eliminating. As of today, Kiev not only has been unable to meet the counteroffensive goals, but also has failed to achieve any tangible success as its attacks end in large losses.

Russia has been conducting the special military operation in Ukraine and Donbass since February 24, 2022.*jk