Donetsk, Aug 25 – DAN. The 'school ceasefire' has come into effect in Donbass as it had been agreed by the Contact Group on August 23 in Minsk, the DPR Operations Command said.

"At midnight the 'school ceasefire' came into force, as agreed by the Contact Group on August 23 in Minsk."
The interlocutor told DAN that at the moment officers of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination and DPR units are closely monitoring the security situation along the contact line.

The 'school ceasefire' has been agreed to by the sides as the new academic year is to begin in Donbass on September 1.
According to DAN information, a comprehensive ceasefire has been announced in Donbass 16 times, not mentioning local silence regime announcements and agreements to provide repairs at strategic objects. At best, they have contributed to a short-time stabilization.

"Let us give them another chance, let us see what will be the results of the ceasefire," DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko said earlier on Thursday. *ot