Donetsk, May 24 — DAN. Ukrainian gunmen have attacked Russian army units in the Donetsk and Gorlovka contact line areas three times over the past 24 hours, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Wednesday.

“Russian forces have stood their ground thwarting three attacks by Ukrainian assault teams on the Avdeyevka, Alexandro-Kalinovskoye and Maryinka axes,” the report said. “The enemy sustained considerable manpower and equipment losses.” 

In the Zvanoka area north of Soledar, a Russian 240mm mortar crew struck an enemy ammunition dump, and an enemy Furia drone was shot down near the Peski settlement northwest of Donetsk, the Ministry said.

Elsewhere on the contact line, Russian forces knocked out two self-propelled howitzers, an armored fighting vehicle, a 120mm mortar, an anti-tank missile system together with the crew and a platoon strongpoint of the Ukrainian army’s 57th Motorized Infantry Brigade.

Russia has been conducting the special military operation since February 24, 2022.*jk