Donetsk, Jul 4 — DAN. Russian forces have delivered pinpoint strikes at Ukrainian gunmen’s facilities and convoys in rear areas, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Tuesday.

A missile artillery ordnance depot was eliminated near Krasnoarmeisk in the west of the Donetsk People’s Republic, and five “Uragan” multiple rocket launchers were destroyed in transit outside Bakaleya in the Kharkov region. A long-distance P-18 radar was knocked out in Dergachi.

Russian aircraft bombed enemy facilities near the settlements of Kleshcheyevka, Kurdyumovka and Bogdanovka. Heavy flamethrower systems inflicted damage on manpower of the Ukrainian army’s 54th Brigade in the Kleshcheyevka area. Russian servicemen eliminated two 120mm mortar crews in the Menkovka area and two 122mm D-30 howitzers near Pobeda and Krasnogorovka in counterfire fight.*jk