Donetsk, Jul 21 — DAN. Russian servicemen, thanks to their professionalism and courage, have been able to resist the tremendous amount of western military hardware which is now burning in the battlefield, President Vladimir Putin said at a Security Council meeting on Friday.

“The special military operation command acts professionally. Our soldiers and officers, units and formations perform their duty to the Motherland courageously, steadfastly and heroically, ” Putin said. “The whole world sees that the vaunted western equipment, allegedly invulnerable, is burning, and that by its performance specifications it is often inferior to certain Soviet-era weapons.”

Obviously, the western supervisors of the Kiev regime are disappointed with the results of the so-called counteroffensive which Ukrainian authorities have been trumpeting for the past months, he said.

There have been no results so far. Nothing helps: neither the huge resources injected in the Kiev regime, nor the supplies of western armaments — tanks, artillery, armored vehicles and missiles — nor the sending of thousands of foreign mercenaries and advisors who have been actively used in the attempts to break through Russian army defenses, the president said.

Putin also said that Kiev had lost dozens of thousand people in the suicidal attacks on Russian positions.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive, launched on June 4, continues up to date. Kiev is using a large amount of w