Donetsk, June 21 – DAN. Working out a draft law on Donbass "reintegration" outside the Minsk talks format could be peace-threatening, said DPR envoy to the negotiations Denis Pushilin.

"The law on Donbass "reintegration" drafted by Ukraine without consent of the Contact Group memebres is threatening peace in the region," Pushilin's statement reads.

DPR envoy said that the Republics oppose any documents (concerning the situation or the status of the region) worked out behind the back of the Contact Group regardless of the Donbass Republics' opinion, as well as distorting the Minsk Agreements or their misapprehension.

"We shall try to take the idea to the Ukrainian side today.'

"It is obvious that Ukraine disguises plans of full scale military action with a nice humanitarian wrap-up."

On June 15 Security Service of Ukraine housed a round table which endorsed a draft law on "Donbass reintegration". Later details emerged that the document envisages the change of the Kiev's offensive on Donbass from the "anti-terrorist operation" to "a military operation" which can impede the local elections provided by the Minsk Agreements. *ot