Donetsk, Jul 25 — DAN. The situation on the frontline in the Donetsk People’s Republic remains tense, but there have been significant changes on certain axes, DPR Acting Head Denis Pushilin said on Tuesday.

“Our units improve their positions on several axes after repelling enemy attacks, ” Pushilin said in a live broadcast on the Russia 24 news channel. “It’s true for the Avdeyevka axis, it’s true for the Krasny Liman axis. As for the Ugledar axis, the enemy makes at least five attempts a day to attack our positions, but our guys hold out and continue to destroy the enemy.”

The DPR leader said that Artyomovsk and its suburbs still come under artillery fire which impedes all rebuilding works and that even damage assessment is not possible at present. The situation on the flanks remains difficult but controllable. No significant changes have occurred on the Maryinka axis, although the enemy is suffering huge losses.

“Perhaps, the Krasny Liman axis shows the largest changes in comparison. Repelling enemy attacks, our units keep improving their position almost on a permanent basis. Regrettably, it’s not about whole liberated settlements or dozens of kilometers, but given the intensity of fighting, every one hundred, two hundred, or three hundred meters is quite a good result, ” Pushilin said.

Some 30 percent of western armaments and equipment supplied to Ukraine ahead of its counteroffensive has been destroyed. Supplies continue, but not as intensively as before, he said.*jk