Donetsk, Jan 24 – DAN. Kiev's plans to eradicate Donbass population opposing radical nationalistic ideas will have an opposite effect, the head of the parliamentary committee on foreign policy Vladislav Berdichevsky said.

Earlier on Monday the commander of Ukrainian volunteer army (on DPR list of terrorist and extremist organizations) Dmitry Yarosh said that his troops are planning to "cleanse the rear of "traitors and collaborants".

"I believe that's what is going to happen, fanatics will remain until the end, but 99% of Ukrainian army will defect or escape to Poland. As for pro-Russian population, during the lawlessness period, they will try to eradicate their personal enemies. But the opposite situation is highly probable: people will come together and liquidate "nazi fans" on their own."

Kiev and some western countries are accusing Moscow of planning to invade Ukrainian. Moscow has repeatedly denied the allegations. Earlier the DPR Defense reported preparations of the Ukrainian army for a large-scale offensive. *ot