Donetsk, May 25 — DAN. DPR «Nedra» (Subsoil) state company will be organizing the  development of deposits, extraction and processing of natural resources in the liberated areas, the DPR State Defense Committee said.

«The „Nedra“ state corporation is to embark on extraction and processing of natural resources (exploitation and development of deposits) within the framework of the implementation of functions and powers of a public law nature in order to meet the demand for raw  mineral materials, as well as other production needs,» the Resolution No. 71 of the Committee reads.

The document instructs the state corporation to involve third parties in the implementation of these goals.

The Resolution stipulates that the development of deposits and mining should be carried out without compensation for losses in agricultural and forestry production. 

The «Nedra» (Subsoil) state corporation was established in 2020 to manage the exploration and production of minerals. *ot