Donetsk, Oct 6 – DAN. The number of foreign mercenaries fighting on the Kiev's side in Donbass has reached 900, DPR Intelligent data shows.

"DPR Intelligent data shows that foreign instructors and mercenaries are still present in the so-called ATO zone," DPR Operations Command said.

The presence of 129 instructors from the USA, Canada, Turkey, Algeria, Lithuania, Latvia, Great Britain coordinating Ukrainian units has been revealed. On Donetsk and Mariupol axes groups from Georgia and Hungary have been spotted.

"Georgian national legion and Hungarian Madyar battalion are comprised of 500 people in total," the DPR Command said.
Moreover, nearly 260 soldiers from Poland and Lithuania are fighting against DPR.

Article 10 of the Package of Measures dated 12 February 2015 prescribes the sides to pull out all foreign armed formations, military equipment and mercenaries under the monitoring of the OSCE SMM.

On Friday, October 6, Ukrainian parliament has adopted the law on "establishing conditions for peace settlement of the situation in separate regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions", which prolongs Donbass special status for one more year. Nevertheless, Rada said the withdrawal of all "unlawful armed groups and military equipment, fighters and mercenaries" from Donbass was a condition to enacting the law on the region's status.*ot