Donetsk, Feb 14 – DAN. Ukrainian army command reinforced its troops on the contact line with National Guard servicemen and mercenaries from Islamic countries, DPR Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin said on Tuesday.

“According to our intelligence reports, 36th marines brigade was reinforced with two National Guard units,” Basurin said adding that mercenaries from Islamic countries were spotted at 14th mechanized brigade (deployed on Donetsk axis- eds Donetsk News Agency).

Ukrainian army resolves its personnel shortage problem by drafting reservists. “Units of 30th brigade deployed in Volnovakha town area are staffed with reservists over 40 years of age,” Basurin said.

An earlier DPR Operations Command report said Ukrainian army deployed to the contact line area 152mm and 122mm howitzers and self-propelled howitzers banned under the Minsk Agreements.