Donetsk, May 30 - DAN. Ukrainian forces fired more than 200 shells on the DPR on Monday, including four Smerch missiles, killing and injuring civilians and causing damage.

Here are the key events so far on Monday, May 30.


The enemy used Grad and Smerch MLRS, artillery and mortars to target Donetsk, Makeyevka, Yasinovataya, Gorlovka and neighbouring townships.

Six people were killed in Donetsk, including a teenage girl, 17 people were injured.

Thee educational institutions, medications and constructions materials retailers sustained damage.

A woman was injured in Yasinovataya.

A kindergarten and a dozen of houses sustained damage in Golrovka.

Two civilians were injured in recently liberated Mironovskiy.

Russia-led coalition has taken full control of Dibrova and Staryi Karavan in northern DPR, south-west of Krasnyi Liman liberated earlier.

A total of 222 localities have been liberated.

Fighting continues on Donetsk, Artyomovsk, Slavyansk directions.

The enemy suffers significant loses.

Фото: телеграм-канал Алексея Кулемзина


DPR has finalized the construction and launched a pipeline to feed the regional water reservoir.

The Vladimir Region of Russia took on patronage of Dokucheyevsk, a delegation is expected to visit the town on June 4-5. A total of 11 regions of Russia are assisting designated regions in the DPR.

DPR school graduates are taking the Russian Unified State Exam on Russian language, it is divided into two stages this year, scheduled for May 30-31.

A patriotic mural has been installed on a wall of school No.17 in Donetsk. It depicts a boy and a girl holding hands, dressed in clothes with the Russian and DPR flags, as a symbol of friendship between the two states. *ot