Donetsk, May 27 - DAN. Ukrainian forces fired nearly 250 shells on the DPR on Friday, killing and injuring civilians and causing damage.

Here are the key events so far on Friday, May 27.  


First shells fired from Ukrainian positions exploded in the DPR at 5.40 a.m. Twelve townships and cities suffered shelling, as the enemy used Grad MLRS, artillery and mortars.

Four people have been injured. A number of public buildings have sustained hits, among them a fire station and a transport company.

Almost 3,000 customers in Gorlovka remain without power.

DPR forces liquidated 68 Ukrainian nationalists, and a number of equipment pieces, and established full control of Krasnyi Liman.

About 5,500 militants of the armed formations of Ukraine have surrendered to the DPR since the beginning of the special operation, the DPR Head Denis Pushilin said during a work trip to Snezhnoye.


The DPR plans to reconstruct a number of mosques and churches with Russia's help.

Samara regional authorities have delivered utility equipment and ambulances to Snezhnoye in the DPR to carry out utility works in the town.

"Aviatekh" Machine-Building Plant in Snezhnoye might receive orders from aviation enterprises of the Samara region.

150 tons of glass panels for reconstruction of housing were delivered from Russia to the DPR. The Ministry of Construction of the DPR drafts a list of priority restoration objects in Mariupol. 

In Mariupol, a supermarket, a kindergarten and three pharmacies re-opened. *ot