Saur-Mogila (Shakhtyorsk District) - Sep 7 - DAN. Ukrainian forces are using the Donbass ‘school ceasefire’ accord to prepare for a new round of fighting, DPR head Alexander Zakharchenko said on Thursday.

“They only need ceasefire for preparing and unleashing a war,” Zakharchenko said at the Saur Mogila Memorial Complex rally marking the 74 anniversary of Donbass liberation from Nazi occupants.

A new ceasefire accord came into effect in Donbass at 5 August midnight. It was coordinated by Contact Group participants in Minsk ahead of the new school year, and was dubbed ‘school ceasefire.’ Full-fledged ceasefire never began, though tensions on the contact line eased in the first hours.

DPR Operations Command repeatedly said that Ukrainian army has been reinforcing its positions and troops in the vicinity of the contact line over that period.*jk