Donetsk, Jul 27 - DAN. Ukrainian servicemen are preparing to use multiple launch rocket systems to deliver strikes at Kiev-controlled Maryinka area in order to accuse DPR militia of the attack, DPR Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin said on Thursday.

“Yesterday, all armaments of 92nd separate motorized infantry brigade 2nd battalion in Maryinka area were moved to Ugledar,” Basurin said. “The positions are manned by personnel having small arms with one allowance of ammunition.”

“At the same time, the massing of Uragan, Smerch and Grad multiple launch rocket systems has been spotted 30 kilometres north of Donetsk. We believe that the purpose of the provocation is to fire at Ukrainian army positions in Maryinka with these MLRS and then accuse DPR armed forces of the attack,” he said.

Basurin said Ukrainian commanders had promised the servicemen who stayed back at the Maryinka positions to replace them in the shortest possible time, but according to DPR intelligence information, no rotation has been carried up up to date.

Earlier, Ukrainian army units on a number of occasions shelled their own positions in Kiev-controlled frontline towns and villages in Donbass. The Republic’s Operations Command said these moves aimed to disrupt the Minsk Agreements and launch a new round of fighting in the region.*jk