Donetsk, Sep 4 - DAN. Kiev massed up a 12,000-strong attack force on the Mariupol axis, Donetsk People’s Republic Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin said on Tuesday citing intelligence reports.

“The intelligence data received from sources at the Ukrainian army General Staff, the Joint Forces Operation headquarters and headquarters of formations in the conflict zone make it clear that the enemy has built up an attack force,” Basurin said. The Ukrainian formations’ manpower reaches over 12,000.”

Фото: Оперативное командование ДНР

“If an offensive is launched, Ukrainian forces will begin artillery preparation using missile and cannon artillery. Next, 36th Brigade deployed at Kominternovo-Shirokino moves towards Novoazovsk, while 79th Brigade, positioned at Naberezhnoye-Zaichenko, attacks DPR positions on the Roza Luxembourg settlement axis. Simultaneously, 128th Mountain Assault Brigade creates a diversion offensive in the Telmanovo area while covering the left flank of the attack formation.

The purpose of the operation is to reach the border with Russia in five days. The Nazi regiment Azov and raid teams of 79th Air Assault Brigade then will start mopping up settlements across the seized territory.

“We’re ready to meet the enemy both in the air and on the sea. We’ll defend our citizens. Our units are absolutely battle-ready. The enemy won’t pass,” Basurin said.*jk