Donetsk, Nov 30 – DAN. Ukrainian armed forces large formation comprising the brigades is concentrating on the Mariupol axis preparing an assault in December, said DPR People's Militia deputy chief-of-staff Eduard Basurin citing intelligence.

"Assault formation is arranged in the JFO zone to attack our Republic. The concentration of three brigades (79th air assault, 36th marine, 128th mountain assault brigades) on the Mariupol tactic axis testifies to it. They are tasked with an assault and moving towards Russian border operation in Novoazovsk area in early December," he said.

Elite shock troops and marines are to break through the DPR defense lines.
According to DPR authorities, such a misuse of special forces is an obvious tactical mistake of Kiev that shall cause heavy loses.

"It reveals complete incompetence of the JFO commander Sergey Nayev who is willing to sacrifice troops for his fidelity to Poroshenko and love for publicity stunt, and to achieve dubious purposes."

Earlier DPR Intelligence reported British military experts arrival to Ukrainian-occupied Artyemovsk to prepare chemical attacks in the DPR north and that Kiev developed a plan to carry out sabotage act at the Stirol plant to deflect DPR forces and penetrate the DPR territory.*ot