Donetsk, Jun 15 – DAN. Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire 52 times over the past week, said the head of the DPR Armed Forces press service Daniil Bezsonov.

“The enemy violated the ceasefire 52 times over the past week firing five 152mm and six 122mm artillery rounds, nine tank gun rounds; 200 120mm and 82mm mortar rounds; 183 rounds of infantry fighting vehicle gun and armored personnel carrier cannon” he said. The enemy also used grenade launchers and small arms, he said.

Ukrainian army units targeted 38 DPR townships.

Seven townships in the southern Novoazovsk district were left without power by Kiev's shelling this night, the Ministry of Coal and Energy press service said.

One civilian in Kominternovo was injured.

The situation in southern DPR has recently degraded, as the Novoazovsk district comes under Ukrainian fire daily. *ot