Donetsk, Oct 28 – DAN. Ukrainian troops tried to provoke DPR forces to open fire on a bus with children aboard in frontline Avdeyevka, said DPR People's Militia.

"Unscrupulous radical-minded fighters accompanied by Ukrainian media brought a bus with children to the contact line under the pretext of filming a propagandistic video," the report reads.

The bus arrived in Avdeyevka industrial area and Ukrainian troops of the 92nd brigade opened fire on DPR positions in the conditions of low visibility caused by fog in hope to provoke retaliatory fire.

The plan failed as DPR forces are complying with the ceasefire.

"Ukrainian fighters resorted to Plan B and the commander Kokorev ordered the commander of 3rd battalion to issue order to fire on the bus with children and journalists. As some Ukrainian officers still exhibit remains of honor, the plan failed as well. The officer prohibited fire on the area as soon as he learnt there were children present." *ot