Donetsk, May 2 - DAN. Ukrainian forces fired at the Donetsk Water Treatment Plant area; the personnel is in the shelter, the Donetsk People’s Republic Office at the  Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) reported.

“Today, at 13:15, Ukrainian armed formations in Avdeyevka fired 120mm mortars and large calibre machine guns towards Yasinovataya; the Donetsk Water Treatment Plant area came under fire,” the report said.

Eight mortar rounds were fired overall. The DFS personnel is in the shelter, the JCCC said.

There were no casualties, preliminary reports said.

The DFS is located in the frontline zone outside Yasinovataya in the line of sight of Ukrainian army positions. It feeds water to both sides of the contact line. The number of DFS customers exceeds 400,000. The DPR Office at the JCCC requests ceasefire guarantees for replacing shift workers at the facility.

On Wednesday, reports said that Ukrainian servicemen fired nearly 200 rounds of ammunition at DPR areas over 24 hours.*jk