Donetsk, Nov 10 - DAN. Ukrainian forces on Tuesday evening opened fire at the Leninskoye village in the south of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the DPR Office at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) reported.

“Fire was delivered at Leninskoye from the Vodyanoye (settlement). Three recoilless gun rounds were fired,” the report said.

The attack was launched at 20:15.

Earlier reports on Tuesday said that Kiev army units in the Berdyanskoye village area fired small arms at the Kominternovo village at 15:35. The second attack, launched from Vodyanoye, was recorded at 16:50.

The package of tighter ceasefire control measures came into force in Donbass on July 27, 2020. The document bans the use of any weapons, deployment of hardware, special operations, engineer works and unmanned aerial vehicles flights.*jk