Donetsk, Dec 28 – DAN. Ukrainian forces fired almost 130 mortar rounds since Tuesday evening, targeting Donetsk western outskirts, Debaltsevo neighborhood and south DPR villages, a defense source told DAN.

“From 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. Ukrainian forces fired 128 82mm and 120 mm mortar rounds targeting DPR,” the source said.

Ukrainian forces targeted Trudovskiye in Donetsk’s Petrovskiy district; Debaltsevo area; Sakhanka, Leninskoye, Grigorovka of Novoazovskiy and Telmanovskiy districts.

According to the source, Kiev forces also fired several hundred IFV cannon rounds, and used grenade launchers.

A ceasefire was agreed by the Contact Group at its meeting on December 21st, in effect from midnight December 24th Kiev time - 1 a.m. December 24th DPR time.*ot