Donetsk, Dec 23 – DAN. Ukrainian forces fired 109 artillery and mortar rounds since Thursday evening, targeting Donetsk western outskirts, Yasinovataya and Dokuchaevsk areas, and south DPR villages, a defense source told DAN.

"From 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. Ukrainian forces fired 109 152mm and 122mm artillery rounds and 82mm and 120 mm mortar rounds targeting DPR,” the source said.

Ukrainian forces targeted Trudovskiye and Aleksandrovka villages in Donetsk’s Petrovskiy district; Krutaya Balka in Yasinovataya area; Sakhanka, Oktyabr of Novoazovskiy district.

According to the source, Kiev forces also fired several hundred IFV cannon rounds, and used grenade launchers and small arms.

As it was reported earlier, four households had been damaged on Yasinovataya outskirts during the shelling. *ot