Donetsk, Jun 23 – DAN. Four people were killed as Kiev shelled DPR territory violating the ceasefire 328 times and firing more than 2,800 rounds over the week, said DPR Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin.

“The enemy violated the ceasefire 328 times and fired 2,840 artillery, rocket artillery, tank guns and mortar rounds.
Overall 34 townships came under fire, in 12 of them 46 houses and buildings were damaged ir destroyed, power supply was cut off in seven townships.

"Unfortunately, there were civilian and military casualties to Kiev’s shelling this week. Two civilians were killed, two servicemen died defending the Republic, one sustained injuries," Basurin said.

Kiev forces violated the ceasefire 35 times over the past 24 hours, firing at 17 townships.
In Donetsk, Aleksandrovka and Trudovskiye three households were damaged, six villages suffered electricity cuts. *ot